Customer Testimonials
  • I just want to say that I felt I received the best response and service to a recent purchase that I've ever gotten from any on line company. Great job!!

    Leon, OH
  • Very real detail. The price is most reasonable. All that work for such a small price. Did I mention the best quality.

    Ann A
  • I had a problem with my order and received the wrong product. I was taken such good care of that I wouldn't buy from anyone else even if the quality was better.

    Brandon B
  • Great quality products, wonderful customer service, easy to contact by email or phone. Responce is FAST, ships on time, and all of this at the best price I,ve found! Thanks Jack for making the DC-3 center piece for wedding reception table. My wife and I first saw each other on a DC3 and did you ever give us a Beautiful example.

    Cliff Z
  • Thanks Jack for shipping the models I needed promptly. I can see it will be a pleasure dealing with you in the future. Thanks again,

  • We are a non-profit helping military, police & fire. Your quality and workmanship are outstanding. People love them. We raffle them and always do well.

    Jeff M
  • You guys are awesome.... Was a great idea n wonderful gift!

    E. Lirey
  • Great Gift! My husband is in the Air Force and loved the F16!

    Joni W.
  • Amazing Details! We bought the Blackhawk Helicopter and it was amazing!

    Tim P
  • Beautiful Wood! The 62 Corvette wood grain and shine was unbelievable!

    Ryan T
  • Quick Service! We needed the Electra-Glide motorcycle fast and they delivered. Great Service!

    Gwen A
  • Recently received feedback on the two planes I ordered for my Sister's retirement from the USAF. She was so touched she cried. According to my Mother everyone who came by was impressed by your product and even though I couldn't be there in person my presence was there. Thank you for a great gift idea and excellent customer service. Sincerely,

    Tony J
  • A great product, and a great selection, at great prices. Service is excellent, any problem is taken care of immediately.

    Daniel M

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