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Michele Muldoon

I have bought Premium Wood Designs before and have been very pleased. I am giving this to my husband for Christmas and I'm sure he will love it. He has worked on 3 different planes in his 35 years of military service and this is the last one he needed for his collection.


First model was delivered with the drop tank and rack broken off and some damage to the finish. Sent a couple of pictures to show the damage and Jack immdiately had another model sent out. Second model is flawless! Great person to deal with and great service.





The model looks very sharp. I flew it in the a-26 as a Radio operator from 1957 to1959 in Japan. I got the model for a World War II veteran who worked on it Germany in 1945

C W Bowman

Excellent, this C-47 Skytrain was given to a 101st Airborne trooper. He flew behind a c-47 during operation Market Garden in a Glider. He also fought in the Hergun forest and at Bastone. We were all very happy with the model and will order again in the future.

Robert Thompson

I bought this as a gift for my dad, a former C-123 pilot in Vietnam. He was delighted with the product and said it was beautiful.

Jeffrey Gruver

This model showed up very well packed and the quality of the model is very good. It was worth the money. There was a delay in shipping but it showed up just in time to present it to my son who just graduated from Coast Guard flight school.

Kenneth King

I was very please with the way my order went. Would recomend your company any time. Thank you very much. This is a Christmas gift for my daughter.

James Huffman

xtremely pleased with both my purchases

barry norman

Jack is very customer oriented. He expedited my shipment even with the Sandy problems on the east coast. (Items ship from NJ. When they shipped ground instead of 3 day, Jack gave me an immediate refund of the difference.

D. L.

Awesome product. Superb Quality. Nicely Priced. Would recommend that seniors get a 25% discount on entire bill. Would recommend that any customer who purchases one item, the second item should she be discounted 25%. Suggest sending out weekly e-mail special deals.


Easy to navigate web site. Fast delivery. Product as described.


Received excellent notices from everyone who received the model nad they were very impressed with i.

Stephen Rinehart

The person I sent the F4F wildcat thought it was great and enjoys having the model. Great craftmenship. I think this was my 5th Wildcat and great comments from everyone receiving the model. You do a super job!

Cynthia English

"i called the number on the web site rather than order on line. i got poor jack who was on vacation in north carolina. he was very good in taking my order and making sure it was shipped right away. i had ordered a corsair model plane for my fiance, he was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. jack had the plane at my door in three days and also added vinnie to his prayer list. thanks very much jack !"

Johnny Sprinkle

Great detail, more than expected. Being an old crew cheif on the Cobra, saw alot of good detail and brought back good memories.

Daniel P Martin

A great product, and a great selection, at great prices. Service is excellent, any problem is taken care of immediately.

xavier almeda

Well I haven't seen the product i ordered it is an Christmas gift for my wife, I have seen them before and they always looked awesome. We are both in the army and I am a mechanic on a blackhawk and she is a mechanic on a AH-64D. I thought this is a perfect gift for her! I am sure she will like it!

Nathaniel J. Poirot

"It is very cool. The Apache sets on my shelf in my den, it has more sentimental meaning and has all the details. plus it is also a peace on American art and power.God Bless-------Nathan J. Poirot "

james sooy

this is not at toy but piece of ART! it hangs from my ceiling ready to defend :) I am very pleased with delivery and product

Richard Rhuda

Wish it had rubber tires. Overall... A+

lynn schneider

My husband was thrilled with his plane and we plan to purchase more for other occasions. Thx for making his 59th bday a high flying one.

Todd Karvanek

"I have to say that I was very surprised when I called about the wrong model being shipped. The correct one was already on its way. I was then told to keep them both at no extra cost. Both models are awesome. I personally like the painted model the best. I will be buying a model for myself when I get my new place. Thanks,"


"excellent quality. wanted this ww11 model for everyone looking at it remembers our many americans who gave their all in the war and the very few remaining vets we are loosing every day. one quick look and they remember a piece of the past. i just wish i could have afforded a larger model for display to remind all."

james green

have ordered addtional models and will be placing new orders thanks to Jack


The A-star is an awesome model. The detail, fit, and finish is awesome! I'm very pleased and think it is a very accurate model of the actual aircraft.

James Huffman

"there's nothing glued to the base for my AT6 Texan. did someone overlook the decal/plaque, whatever. Sure no big deal...I love it just the way she is. Just the same. If it's just 43 cents away let me have it! Thanks!"

Timothy Lux

This model is beautifully constructed and painted, presenting an absolutely flawless appearance. My dad flew this plane during WWII and would be proud to own such a model to remind him of his naval service.


What a wonderful product! This was purchased as a gift and not only myself but the recipient too, thougth that this product was very well designed. Impressive workmanship and quality. I will definitely purchase from Premium Wood again in the future.


"I have a limited edition of what conspiracy theorists believe is the B-12's predecessor at Roswell, made of nickel and chrome flying over a desert terrain, and thought displaying this mahogany rendition (varnished and unpainted) of the B-12 would show the alleged terrestrial adaptation of a supposed extra-terrestrial design concept gleaned from a UFO crash sight.
I was very impressed with the mahogany wood workmanship (from Vietnam) and overall form and fit. I highly recommend these mahogany creations of our military fleet used by United States forces, and piloted by heroes protecting this great nation.
Suggestion: Exercise patience in mounting the mahogany base, twisting it slowly into the model. Don't rush the process or you may break the base. It's a tight fit but that's good."


Love my B-24's they are beautiful, amazing quality, perfect

Frank Reid

"I could not be more pleased with the outstanding quality and workmanship and the manner in which it was carefully packaged and promptly shipped.
Not only only does PWD take pride in their workmanship and materials but takes the extra steps to ensure that the product is well protected in transit to ensure total customer satisfaction.
I strongly recommend them and will definitely buy from them again.
I wish they made a similar model of the C46 Commando to add to my solid mahogany collection which includes a B24, C119, and now the B26, which are models of planes flown in by my two brothers in WW II combat and myself in the early 50's while a member of the 10th. Special Forces Group (ABN). (I jumped, thew flew)!."

Jenn Wilson

The B-29 is absolutely beautiful! The wood used is stunning. I know my Grandpa is going to love it!

Ros Lockwood

I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas- he LOVED it. The wood is beautiful and the model is sophisticated and "grown-up" enough that it looks perfect in his living room. I had a tiny bit of a delivery issue but it all got squared away quickly and perfectly and I received wonderful customer service (and the issue was not so big that I would hesitate to buy from this site again). Five stars!!!

Jack Rawdin

Very nice model

Daniel LaBass

Great product!!!

Andre Cook

Fantastic product! I just wish you would make a few more civilian helicopters like the Schweitzer 300! I go to UND Aerospace and a lot of people here would love to purchase one! (It's the trainers we use here)

Tony Humphreys

Flew the 206B/OH-58A for many years. Your model now is sitting right between similar models of the UH-1 & OH-6A. Glad to have them all. The model looks good, is an accurate representation and I am happy customer. Happy New Year.

Paul Clergy

I flew OH 58`s in Vietnam.Your model is stunning.

Douglas Inselmann

Will Definitely order again . TOTALLY happy !!

Michael McCann Sr

"The model is superb, just as the UH-1D and CH-46 models I purchased are. On the UH-1N, I removed the wire cutter and fashioned 3 separate antennas out of wood, painted and attached them to the model. Really looks great. The model is of extreme craftsmanship. So proud to display these. Here's to Premium Wood Designs and their entire team!"

Tim White

Excellent workmanship. Really enjoy it. Make a trike.

Cynthia Hunt

This bike is absolutely fantastic, down to the most minute detail. Customer service is awesome, personal, and friendly..I can't give enough praise to them...Thanks so much for the super fast delivery. Merry Christmas.


This bike is a gift for a bike lover and she will absolutely love it! The details of the bike are great. The shipping was super super fast!!! And when I had a question, I always received a fast response!

Victoria Steger

Not only was the carving extrodinarily detailed the wood used was just beautiful. The gift receipiant was very pleased!

Guy Dagenais

"model receive with some damage good communication to solve the problem I Will purchase again from you guys"


I ordered this for my boyfriend and he just loved it. They used a box that was too short so the nose had a rub spot on it but we were able to fix it.

Cherie McKinney

I bought this C-130 for a Christmas present. I know my husband will be pleased with it. The hand craft is so unique. He also loves to do wood working and his dad use to work on these planes. I know he will cherish it forever.

Stephen Sayre

My son (a Sergeant in the Marine Corps) opened his package and flipped out! Several of his buddies may be coming your way soon! Thank you SO much for your quality & integrity... I'll DEFINITELY be a repeat customer! (P.S: I was even more pleased when I saw you're in Enid - spent four years at OSU in Stillwater...)!

Debbie Dunne

When I received the airplane it was broken. I was allowed to reorder at no charge. What is great is Ididn't have to return the broken plane, but instead, was able to "repair" it and dontate it to my church's school. Thank you! Oh, the new plane is just beautiful!


I ordered this for my boyfriend and he just loved it. After we glued a couple pieces back on it looked great. If I had to guess just through the shipping process one of the gear doors fell off.


I sent the C-130 Hercules to my son for his birthday and he was elated!! He is in the air force and maintains this particular aircraft. He said it is a perfect representation. Thanks for the quality work!!

Joshua Neal

This was the plane my father flew and he could recognize the aircraft after unwrapping only one wing. Good craftsmanship!

ji LEE

hooah! sweet seller


" much nicer then i had thought. well made for display. very happy with this model and would recommend to anyone looking for such a unique airplane to display. thank you, art"

herb clinton

no faults that i can see

Dimitri Dimitri

"So realistic! A job well done! Well worth the money. Thank you so much!"

Herbert Reynolds

"The C-5M Galaxy that I received was terrific. The craftsmanship was outstanding. The attention to detail was amazing. Thank you for providing a product that will last for years to come. I will continue to purchase more models from your company. I will tell others about your products."

Jerry Santens

Wonderful product. Took awhile to get it but worth it. Well packed but be careful getting it out of the box. Foam is tricky and my AWACS sprung out of the box and on the floor. Looking now for touch-up paint to make it perfect again.

Dr. Doodle

I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving my Cessna 182 wood model. The quality was very good including the fit and finish. The prop even spins! It was packed well and arrived in good shape. I even liked the touch of the packing materials being actual wood shavings around the bubble-wrap. Classy! The modest assembly was easy without tools nor glue. This was a gift to my wife who hasn't been able to fly as much as she used to because of an awful auto accident. It really cheered her up. It took a little longer than I hoped to get but the folks at Premium Wood Designs emailed me right away to let me know that would be the case. I think these talented guys are doing their best and I will wholeheartedly recommend them to others. Keep it up!


This model looks great. The finish, wood and presentation is outstanding. The landing gear is not quite as accurate as a reproduction of the real aircraft but that is understandable. Overall… excellent quality.


I can't really rate the plane itself. I didn't want to take it out of the box as it is a gift and I would never get it back in. Delivery was prompt and the package arrived in good condition. I can rate it in January as it will be part of a 6th anniversary gift to two pilots. I'll keep you informed.

Maggie Bonicelli

Got this beautiful plane. Had trouble with wheels and sent email . Was called right away to help. Was so nice and helpful. Can't wait for Christmas morning surpirse

Robert Ball


Lloyd Harris

"It was more than I expected. I love it. Will order for you guys again, soon. Lloyd Harris"


"I purchased the F-16 Falcon model made of mahogany wood from Premium Wood Designs. The product was just as advertised on the website, but more importantly was the service provided by Jack Baldwin.
Since this was the first time I have purchased anything like this, I had researched several websites offering basically the same thing at about the same price. I had called and spoke to Mr. Baldwin and after speaking to him, felt comfortable about buying from Premium Wood Designs.
I purchased on a Monday for a Christmas Eve delivery and when there were some issues about selecting a 3 day delivery at checkout, he instructed me to make a note about it in the comment section. I received the model on Thursday, one day before Christmas Eve.
I expect I will be ordering again from Premium Wood Designs"

Patrick Kennedy

5 Stars--Bought for my son-in-law who is F-16--opened the box--it was great.

Brian Gaiser

This is a great buy. It is flawless.

joseph saporito

Excellent workmanship. Very satisfied. Would recommend your product

Alfredo Tulle

This product was used as a gift, for a military retiree. The individual was elated as to the quality, and detail of the item. Thanks.

Phil Skinner

It is the center piece of my office and I bought one for a former Commanding Officer of his HMM squadron. 1st rate craftmanship! Thank you PWD. Although this fine bird is no longer in our fleet, it will remain in the hearts of everyone who flew or rode in this airframe

Steven Morris

Brought back great memories! Product quality was excellent and great looking.

Thomas Nash

I really was upset when the first helicopter had a broken engine. When I emailed my concerns, there were no issues what so ever getting another one. I plan on buying a KC-135 and possibly a B-52 later on this year for Christmas presents due to my satisfaction with this product and the customer service. Thank you!

Brian S.

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my father. He flew in Chinooks while in Viet Nam & has always remained very fond of them. The ordering process was very easy, I received it quickly and in excelent condition. My father loved it and has put it in a "place of honor" amongst his Nam memorabilia. Thank you so much!


My father loved the helicopter that was made for him and we are very pleased with the way it came out. It is very detailed and you can clearly see the time and work that was put into it. Our family loved it as well and has toured your site for possible future purchases. Thank you so much!

norma Jean McLeod

It arrived , Will not open the box till christmas will let you know then. My son was a marine SSGT that worked on that aircraft. Thanks for the quick reciept.

Mike Amtower

"Great model. You folks make a fine product. Can't wait to receive the second Mahogany CH53 that I won in the February contest. Thanks Pablo."

penny Goldstein

We ordered the Premium Wood Design 1957 Corvette and are very pleased with the feel, design, and attention to detail. The car came extremely well packaged, in about a week. We would highly recommend Premium Wood Designs to anyone looking for a very cool wooden model. They seem to have a wide selection to choose from. Jack, we thank you!

M. Howell

"I'll certainly rate this item as 5 stars!.The customer service is 2nd to none.The box it arrived in was very neatly packed......I especially like the packing stuff that they use......different. As far as the Stingray goes....WOW!!!! the size of the car is huge.I was expecting a little 4-5 inch model. It has a great weight to it,and the finish is spectacular!. I will definately buy other items from PWD. Thanks, M. Howell,Williamson,NY"

Elsa Reese

I bought this for my husband, who always wanted a Corvette Stingray. He has been given 5-6 months to live at age 55. He is very pleased with the craftsmanship and has insisted I place it where he can see it and admire it. Thank you for putting such detail and workmanship into your artwork.

John Cullings

The model came in great condition and is now proudly on display along with my other two Premium Wood Corvettes. The workmanship in all three models was excellent as was the finish.

Jim Stevens

Excellent quality, good communication, timely delivery.



Jason Anania

My very first item from Premium Wood Designs is the P-40 War Hawk with the famous Fighting Tiger on the nose. It is a very nice piece of sculpture that I just stare at all the time. The ONLY reason I might give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because some of the dimensions just don't seem right, but we are talking about a wooden sculpture! I can't fault them for it, because it looks amazing. It will NOT be my last piece from them.

John Hein

Very nice. We appreciate the finish and detail of the display stand and the Plaque.

Sondra Scott

This is exactly what I wanted for my husband. Great quality, easy to put together, very durable. Will own more from this website.

Steven D Burman

A great addition to my collection of USAF aircraft that I once crewed at McClellan AFB, CA. The workmanship is superb, a real standout in my collection.

D. L.

Awesome product. Superb Quality. Nicely Priced. Would recommend that seniors get a 25% discount on entire bill. Would recommend that any customer who purchases one item, the second item should she be discounted 25%. Suggest sending out weekly e-mail special deals. One more suggestion and that is to make some larger models, about 50% larger than what seller sells now.

Charles Rutledge

"Fantastic! Very nice wood replica with a beautiful finish! I ordered three wooden models and love all of them. Makes for a wonderful display and,....the price was great! Thank You ""Premium Wood Designs""."

Dennis Kavanagh

detail is fantastic

James Dennis

First one showed up damaged. PWD promptly sent me another model, no questions asked. The model is high quality. I flew the F-15 for 17 years and I wouldn't own a model that didn't represent the jet properly.


This was my first order from PWD. I received my order very promptly. Unfortunately, one of the missiles became detached from the jet in transit, even though it was packed very well. I notified PWD and the problem was resolved to my satisfaction very quickly. Jack wanted to make sure I was happy with his product. I will be ordering again from PWD.

Patrick Kennedy

"5 Stars--Bought for my Dad, who has a collection of all aircraft flown by him, sons, grandsons. This was the perfect addition. "

Leon Kurm

I just want to say that I felt I received the best response and service to a recent purchase that I've ever gotten from any on line company. Great job!! Leon, OH

Charles Rutledge

"Fantastic! Very nice wood replica with a beautiful finish! I ordered three wooden models and love all of them. Makes for a wonderful display and,....the price was great! Thank You ""Premium Wood Designs""."

mark glatman

I have the stealth design of the F18 sitting right between a Spitfire and a P51. It immediately gives the feeling of "then" and "now!" The Philipine Mahogony gives a unique warmth to them which alows them to be used in almost any room. The stand on the Hornet is wood which is a positive. The aluminum stand holding the WW2 planes should be black or abrushed chrome. I enjoy looking at them with their unique flavor.

David D Schroeder

Beautiful Plane .Good service

Dennis Kavanagh

underwing shrike missiles an added bonus

Charles Rutledge

"Fantastic! Very nice wood replica with a beautiful finish! I ordered three wooden models and love all of them. Makes for a wonderful display and,....the price was great! Thank You ""Premium Wood Designs""."

kevin kincaide

I'm very happy and satisfied with the F-4 Phantom plane I ordered. Price was great. Fast shipping. Thank You Kevin

Clayton Parsons

What can one say except realistic with really nice detail, competitively priced with fast delivery service. Really an impeccable model of a fine WWII British fighter. Would highly recommend your products.

jeffery suttle

Excellent as always! Will be ordering again real soon!

Judith Angeletti

This is the Best Procuct done I have ever seen in Wood! My Husband and Son played with it for hourse (they are both adults!)

D. L.

Good business move. Helps to bring customer back for more buying opportunities. Truthful seller.

Virginia McCastlain

Very very.pleased with the swiftness of the delivery. The Golf Cart is beautiful.

robert young

"Perfect - It is a beautiful work of art and is on display as a reminder of my love of the sport. Thank you for excellent craftmanship!"


Good details, well packaged and fast shipping. Thanks.

Laura Marshall

I got this for my dad because he has every GTO model there is and I wanted something different. This definetly fits the bill. I was so please at the wonderful customer service that I was shown and how well packaged the car was when it arrived. The car itself is absolutely beautiful and the pictures do not do it justice. I would recommend for anyone who has a car enthusiast in their life.

Mike Amtower

Another great rendering of a great Marine helo.

Marta Rodriguez

Great quality! It is beautiful.

Myron Fisher

Excellent model. Details near perfect.

Paul Qua

I love the size and the quality of this airplane. Makes a great addition to my collection. I will be buying some more shortly.

Roger Ciszon

"I got one for my brother for Christmas, he fly's a King Air 90. It arrived in just 3 or 4 day's just in time for Christmas. It was perfect, beautiful and my brother was delighted. He took my wife and I out to a very nice dinner. All was a success. Thank you PwD and our very best to you all. Happy New Year....Roger Ciszon"

Yen Pham

The ware house did a great job-a perfect wood plane.It looks very nice -we love it.Nothing to complaint.we thank your business.


After he retired, I bought my husband models of the 3 American Airlines planes that he flew. The quality is wonderful and the packaging kept them safe and sound. Thank you!

Diane DeMore

I was very impressed with the craftmanship and my significant other was just in total awe. I also want to say thank you for getting it to me in plenty of time. Happy New Year to you.

John Lamers

A beautiful and accurate model of my favorite aircraft. Thank you.

Emma Blanco

High quality aircraft, we love it

Brian Gaiser

This is a great reproduction! Love it!


The Citation X model is beautiful, and is very detailed for a model its size. I was very pleased when I saw it, and it has the winglets just like the NEW X has. Jack Baldwin’s customer service is top notch, and I will continue to purchase all my models from Premium Wood Designs. I have told all my friends about them already.

stuart plotnick

" Always great looking, just like the pics. The service is great and pleasant everytime I deal with Jack "

Thomas Bird

I was blown away by the quality of the workmanship in this model. However, what impressed me even more was how Jack dealt with a small problem with the shipment. The two propellors had been left out. I wrote a short note explaining this and was immediately contacted. The two propellors were sent out Express mail. Every company has a problem now and then. It's how they deal with them that defines them. Premium Wood Designs puts customers first. You just can't do any better.

AV8R Gabe

Two thumbs up and a pat on the back for Premium Wood Designs. From the ordering process to receiving the product via mail, everything was diligent and above par. Customer care within the company is superb, and their prices are highly competitive, thus setting the standard for paramount service. The aircraft was packed very well, and packaging appeared to be stronger than Kevlar, and "atomic blast" ready. The final product was absolutely immaculate.

Keith Moes

Great looking model. Bought it for my son who is flying a 200.


Great quality for the price. Very good packing to protect the model during shipping.

Skylur Haggart

"I have one of those guys that is impossible to buy for because he just goes out and buys whatever he wants and he is super particular and wants to research everything. Its always a little scary if what I find over the web is going to meet his exacting standards. YOU DID GREAT!!! We hit it out of the park. He loves it and is showing it off to anyone that comes in! Remarks about the quality and detail nonstop! Thanks for making a great piece!"


Wife ordered me the CT-39/Sabre 65 for Christmas, opened it this morning. Great looking model, the finish and detail are above what I expected and the stand is just as nice. Thanks Jack!

Gerard Norton

real nice

Donn Hugh

Premium Wood Designs shipped this to my son-in-law who is currently serving on an L.A. Class sub. He really likes it. So do his shipmates. . . or is it "boatmates?" They were impressed. At my request, PWD even enclosed a Happy Birthday card. How cool is that! This is my third purchase from PWD. Great value for excellent wood models.

Banks Van Pelt

Shipped fast, good quality, good price

James Sperry

This was ordered as a Christmas gift for a very good friend and former Marine that used to work on tanks. I opened it and inspected it. It is totally awesome! I know he will love it! The detail of the M1A/M1A2 Abrams Tank is totally amazing!


I ordered the tank for my husband and it exceeded my expectations. I'm thinking about getting the humvee next since that is what my husband used to fight with during his deployment. This is a great gift for anyone who has served!

Jeffrey Mitchell

Excellent products and customer service!

Wayne Karst

The workmanship is top of the line, I had it on display at a Tankers reunion in Branson, MO. and everyone just raved at how well it had been built. We had a drawing and everyone picked it above any other door prizes and were unhappy when only one could win.

Kenneth Ernandes

Beautiful detail - good choice on Friendship 7 representing the Mercury fleet.

John Boyce

Very nice workmanship


Item was as described & pictured. Would purchase more items when I will need too. This is a good quality item.

Tim White

Quality of product is excellent. Wish I had the funds to purchase the entire collection of motorcycles at one time buy not possible. Proudly display them on my mantle above the fireplace.

Barbara Snider

"The electra glide is beautiful, such careful detailed work. The wood used has such color. Perfect !! I gave this bike as a gift and he was delighted !! Thank you I was wondering if it is possible to make a street glide for my husband. ???"

Kris Chouinard

I love it, since I first saw it I knew what my bf was getting for is gorgeous!!


" Every product we have ordered has been exceptional quality and the receipants have been well pleased. Keep up the great work"


"When I seen this item I knew I had found the perfect gift! It's not typical or expected. The bike was gorgeous! Customer service was superb! I had a problem and they solved it almost immediately. Would most definitely buy from you again!"

Thomas Bende

"The ordering proces on line was simple, the item got to my brothers (it was a gift) broken, a couple of emails /days later a replacement was sent. My brother syas the repalcement looks great. All in all you guys did well. I am happy with the process My brother is happy with the gift Please express my appreciation to all involved in the order/replacement process. Sincerly Thomas"

Nathaniel J. Poirot

"My Brother always wanted a Harley. so i got him one for his birthday. its as real as it gets with detail. And i cant afford to bey him a real Harley. so i think he will get more pleasure out of this one because of its uniqueness and real beauty. God Bless --------- Nathan J. Poirot "

Kara Grace

never seen anything like it awesome :)

wayne lessard

Awesome likeness to the T!!! Great workmanship on all counts!! Now if only I can get my wife to dust it along with everything else.....

George Ramey

"Your work is outstanding! Totally pleased with the quality of workmanship on the Harley Davidson Road King. Quick response and quick shipping. Very well Packaged."

Karl Shifflett


Rich Gleba

Great deal great price and easy to deal with.Even when things don't go exactly right.HONEST. HONEST. HONEST. I will definately deal with them again.

Bryan Griffith

It looks great, was shipped with a good eye toward keeping it safe. A beautiful piece.


Absolutely beautiful quality workmanship!! The pictures do not even begin to show the detail. I received my car very quickly and packaged to perfection to keep safe during shipping. Thank you!


I was very pleased with my order. I saw a display at the mall for these. So I got online to check them all out. i bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and was very impressed with this. The look on his face when he opened it was priceless!


I recently received a beautiful model of an OH-58 Kiowa helicopter. The model had a slight flaw (chips on the fuselage), but without any hesitation, it was replaced. Thank you so much to the entire team. 100% satisfied and 100% recommendation to all.

George Nutter

Good quality product. Fast shipping

Banks Van Pelt

Shipped fast, good quality, good price

Karen Stocking

A wonderful Father's Day present for my husband - retired US NAVY P-3 Navigator.

Henry Rohr

Great Plane

Peggy Cruz

Loved the model that we recieved. I had been looking for a model of this particular plane for my father in law, who is in love with this plane. When we saw it in the mahogany we were thrilled. It will fit right in with the decor in the house and he will be really happy with it. The price is fantastic as well. thank you so much!

gordon jerome

Got it up and displayed and it is beautiful, one of the nicest and largest for the money. I would not go anywhere else to make the purchase, speedy shipping and spoke to the owner himself, who actually called me back after hours to place the order! Thanks Jack.

Ginnette Cawthon

It is very nice model. I will be ordering several planes from your company in the coming weeks.

Elaine Brackeen

I ordered this plane because it's what my boyfriend flies. He loved it, said it had a lot of detail on the wings.

Donn Hugh

Purchased a plaque, which was attached to an L.A. Class sub model. It really finished off the model and gave it that perfect informational "bling."

Marc Gagnon

I've purchased other helicopters in the past, very impressed with the quality of workmanship, also well priced, Tks Marc

Robert Ball

Arrived intact.

D. L.

Awesome product. Superb Quality. Nicely Priced. Would recommend that seniors get a 25% discount on entire bill. Would recommend that any customer who purchases one item, the second item should she be discounted 25%. Suggest sending out weekly e-mail special deals.

Theresa Obershaw

"I cannot say enough about this product; it was a Christmas for gift for a dear friend. The order was processed in a timely manner and recieved well in time for Christmas. The packing well protected the contents. The contruction and finish were exceptional and displays beautifully. Thank you, Theresa A Obershaw"

Kenneth G Sherman

My friend really enjoys his model. Thanks for getting it to him safe and quickly

Bo Wu

F22 model is well built! The price is awesome!

Burke Bretzing

I like the look of the plane very much and am happy with my purchase. I had to drill out a couple holes due to a snug fit, but now all is well. Good service on the phone and quick delivery.

Marta Rodriguez

Great quality! I love the color.

Deb Musselman

Outstanding customer service! Thanks!


the recipent of the train was thrilled and said it was BEAUTIFUL. They now believe there is a Santa Claus! All products have been quality. Thanks

Judith Angeletti

"The Finish is Impecable! WELL WORTH THE MONEY"


The model is much bigger and the detail is far greater than I expected for a wooden model. I'm very pleased with the purchase and as far as I can ascertain, it's the best price on the internet.

Thomas Edington

Very nice. A little smaller than I expected but very nice. I plan to put a 25th ID emblem on the nose and paint my call sign on the door. Vietnam 69-70.

Ryan Casey

The Huey model was not only skillfully crafted, but larger than I had expected. I gave this as a gift to my father and plan to purchase more in the future. Thanks, Premium Wood Designs!

Bob Eisman

"Great quality, nice size, more than satisfied with this purchase. Highly recommended service and product."

Kevin Motter

This item was purchased for display in a American Legion hall. The quality is outstanding, and ease of assembly was incredible. I was overwhelmed by the size and detail. I received many complements on this item.


I had one problem with a small piece broke off in shipment but i was able to glue it back on. My husband loves it !

Ivan Scholle

"I am very pleased with my model UH-1, HU-EY it is beautiful sitting on my end table. I flew many hours on the HU-EY in Vietnam, I can look at this model and the memories will flow. Thanks so much for having it avaiable for us HU-EY lovers."

Bernice Sill

"It was better then I could of hoped for my husband liked it very much said it was very true to form. "

Mike Redfem

awesome packaging..will let who ever wins it assemble it. Arrived safe and sound. Thank You so much

D. L.

Awesome product. Superb Quality. Nicely Priced. Would recommend that seniors get a 25% discount on entire bill. Would recommend that any customer who purchases one item, the second item should she be discounted 25%. Suggest sending out weekly e-mail special deals.

Ryan Bedner

Received purchase in a timely manner and product was damaged. Called the Customor support number at 8PM on a Thursday night. Customer support not only was prompt in answer the phone, but immediately put a new helicopter in the mail. Incredible CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Will definitely purchase from Premium Wood Designs again.


Great product... absolutely love the Blackhawk Helicopter...Superior customer satisfaction!!! Would definitely order again from this company. Mr. Jack Baldwin is a pleasure to work with..prompt service and again superior customer satisfaction. The product we order was for a military graduation and it arrived with broken pieces and Mr. Baldwin went above and beyond to send a replacement. Thank you Mr. Baldwin for your courtesy.

Tony Gepner

Very high quality workmanship and it was very well received. Great present for the person who has everything!

Wayne Karst

The Golf cart was real nice, however, I have purchased the M-48 Tank as well as the A1 Abrams Tank and would rate them as 5 stars because of the detail and workmanship. People that have seen all the items are impressed.


I found the GTO to be very different in a good way! I liked it. It was packaged perfectly to ensure a safe delivery!! The reason for not giving the 5 stars is that the Car windows (whatever was used to make them darker) had a ripple/bump effect on it and was not smooth. Too late to exchange for another because it's a gift. I'm ok with it and would recommend the products/company to others. I was just slightly disappointed. Overall...beautifully made! My car lover will enjoy it!

Daniel Chernesky

The Harley was a gift to a friend in Canada and he said it is extremely well made and looks awesome.


Beautiful piece. The finish is excellent. The fit up of the various pieces might make the assembler nervous, but can be accomplished successfully with a little patience.

Sidney Hankins

It appears to be well finished and constructed, however it was purchased as a gift and is not yet assembled. I assume that all pieces are there. I will let you know when it is finally received.

Stephen Greene

Ordering, customer service, and delivery were impeccable. It would have been nice to have some instructions or tips on how to best assemble the model. They might have been in the packing but I did not find them. THe model was of good quality and overall I am quite satisfied...

rafael perez

The bug was perfect except it was missing a little hub cap, other than that the marksmanship was perfect and I recommend it to anybody.


The finish is excellent. Nicely interperted with wood. The rib effect on the upper wing works well, I wish it had been used on the lower wing also, but is still an excellent rendering. The V-Booms for the rudder assembly are very delicate and need to be handled carefully. Once together on its stand, the Flier looks great.